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    Hotel "Shale Fil'varok"
    Slavske, Street Ustyianovycha, tel. 0 (97) 003-13... show
    Slavske, Street Ustyianovycha, 153б, tel. +380(97)003-13-13 more
    The hotel complex "Chale Filvarok" is located in the village of Slavske, 300 meters from the ski lift "Crocus". The hotel offers single and double rooms with free Wi-Fi. Each room has a private...
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    Hoteel "Kristina"
    Slavske, Street Волошина, tel. 0 (93) 170-77... show
    Slavske, Street Волошина, 23а, tel. +380(93)170-77-51 more
    The recreation center "Kristina" is located at the foot of the Trostyan mountain of the Slavske ski village. The tourist complex is represented by wooden cottages with separate entrances, designed...
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    Hotel "Slavjanka"
    Street Ustyianovycha, tel. 0 (93) 170-77... show
    Street Ustyianovycha, 88, tel. +380(93)170-77-51 more
    Hotel Slavyanka is located in the center of the Slavske ski resort, 200 meters from the nearest Crocus ski lift. The hotel is designed in an eco-style, residential buildings are completely built...
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    Hotel "Terem"
    Street Ustyianovycha, tel. 0 (67) 986-57... show
    Street Ustyianovycha, 155а, tel. +380(67)986-57-40 more
    Hotel Terem is located in Slavske, 15 meters from its own ski lift. The hotel has a 24-hour reception and cable TV in rooms. All rooms are decorated with warm colors, carpeted floors and mountain...
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    Hotel "Lesivyh"
    Street И. Франко, tel. 0 (93) 170-77... show
    Street И. Франко, 36 , tel. +380(93)170-77-51 more
    "Forest Manor" is located in a picturesque place of the Carpathians. Nearby there is a forest and a river. In the courtyard there is a gazebo with barbecue facilities, as well as a pond and a bird...
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    Hotel "Slavskij"
    Street Ustyianovycha, tel. 0 (32) 514-24... show
    Street Ustyianovycha, 35, tel. +380(32)514-24-46 more
    Pension "Slavsky" is located in the village of Slavske, 300 meters from the ski lift. The hotel consists of 57 rooms. The boarding house at the same time will be able to accept 120 residents. There...
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    Hotel "Al'pijskij dvor"
    Street Sichovyh striltsiv, tel. 0 (50) 370-24... show
    Street Sichovyh striltsiv, 3в, tel. +380(50)370-24-22 more
    Hotel "Alpine courtyard" is located on a mountainside at an altitude of 630 m. The hotel's interior is designed in the style of "Alpine chalet". It offers cozy rooms with beautiful views. All rooms...
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    Hotel "Dzvіnka"
    Street И. Франко, tel. 0 (67) 759-14... show
    Street И. Франко, 67б, tel. +380(67)759-14-15 more
    Hotel Dvinka is located in Slavske, 2.9 km from the railway station and the center. Guests are offered accommodation in comfortable standard rooms. Each room is equipped with a bed, wardrobe, TV and..
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    Hotel "Perlina Karpat"
    Street И. Франко, tel. 0 (50) 315-80... show
    Street И. Франко, 43б, tel. +380(50)315-80-00 more
    Hotel "Perlina Karpat" is located at the entrance to the village of Slavske, 135 km from Lviv, near the international highway Kiev-Uzhgorod. The hotel has two bedroom buildings and offers standard,...
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    Hotel "Karpatskij Ujut"
    Street И. Франко, tel. 0 (67) 314-11... show
    Street И. Франко, 77, tel. +380(67)314-11-10 more
    Hotel and restaurant complex "Karpatsky Uyut" is located in the village of Slavske, 2.5 km from the village center. The hotel consists of 26 rooms and 3 cottages. Each room has a double or two twin...
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    Hotel "Lіlіana"
    Street И. Франко, tel. 0 (97) 587-25... show
    Street И. Франко, 26а, tel. +380(97)587-25-85 more
    ATTENTION: WHEN RESERVING THE ACCOMMODATION FOR THE NEW YEAR 2018-2019 MANDATORY ORDER OF THE NEW YEAR'S BANQUET. Hotel "Lіlіana" is located in the ski center of the Lviv region - the city of...

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Here on this page is collected information about conference hall, located in Slavske. Locator knows about eleven conference hall near this place among them Hotel "Shale Fil'varok", Hoteel "Kristina", Hotel "Slavjanka" and other , which are located on st. Ustyianovycha, st. Волошина and other streets near. Here you will find the exact addresses, location map, ☎️ telephones, working hours, reviews about these conference hall.

  • How many conference hall in Slavske?

    According to Locator data in Slavske operates 11 conference hall.

  • Which conference hall are best in Slavske?

    Locator recommends to visit the following conference hall in Slavske: Hotel "Shale Fil'varok", Hoteel "Kristina", Hotel "Slavjanka".

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    To find out which conference hall is closest to you, go to the Conference hall in Slavske page and bring the Locator map closer to your location or click on the geolocation icon in the map control unit at the bottom right.

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    Prices for conference hall services in Slavske depend on the specific service and conference hall. Locator allows all conference hall to specify prices for their services. To find out about them, go to the link on the service page or see the prices on the specific conference hall page.

  • Which conference hall services in Slavske are better to use?⭐

    We recommend that you contact conference hall, which has a high rating according to Locator: Hotel "Shale Fil'varok", Hoteel "Kristina", Hotel "Slavjanka".

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    You can see the contacts for communication with these conference hall pharmacies by going to their page. Locator provides the opportunity to contact by phone, email, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram and through internal messages on the site Locator.

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